ERIK 650A Air Purifier

  • The highest level of air filtration in the market with double HEPA layer
  • Top-notch performance with Energy Star certification.
  • Patented design with removal rate more than 99.99% of all particles – better than True HEPA
  • Uses medical-grade HEPA filter with MERV 18 ratings

Recommended Area

1,560 sqft (2 ACH)

Halls or auditorium with huge space and good air circulation


Ideal For

Medical institution or cleanroom where quick cleaning and filtration is required


Effective For

Dust, smog, haze, very fine particulate, bacteria & viruses 

Technical Specifications

Maximum Airflow

AHAM Verifide CADR

Pollen 450 cfm

Dust 400 cfm

Smoke 416 cfm

Power / Voltage

85 W, 220-240 V, 50 Hz

Maximum Noise Level

69.8 dB (A)

Area Guideline

1 ACH – 3,120 sqft

2 ACH – 1,560 sqft

3 ACH – 1,040 sqft

4 ACH – 780 sqft

5 ACH – 624 sqft


65 x 68 x 33 cm


28.6 kg


3 years

ERIK 650A Replacement Filters


  • 4″ depth combination filter with MERV 15 rating HEPA filter
  • More than 1.5 kg of granulated activated carbon at the top and 45 sqft of filter media altogether
  • Recommended replacement cycle every 12 months


  • V-shaped media arrangement with 75 sqft charged synthetic fibre
  • Has up to 39X more filter media which makes it longer lasting
  • Recommended replacement cycle between 24-36 months as most impurities are being filter at 1st layer
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