Fresh & Clean Indoor Air System

Östberg HERU Series is an energy recovery device which creates a natural healthy indoor climate for everyone.

We are the sole distributor of the HERU Series of air handling unit, a clever energy recovery device which circulates the air throughout your home or office and mixes it with air from outside.

This ensures there is a constant supply of fresh air in enclosed surroundings. One worry about the introduction of outside air is the increase in temperature (if your home is air conditioned) or the uptake of pollutants from external sources. The HERU unit addresses these factors through a few unique innovations.

Image above is just for illustration purpose only to explain the concept of heat exchange . Actual readings varies.

First, the heat sensor and air mixing unit found in the powerfully compact device draws in filtered air from outside and mixes it with internal air to bring the air to a degree that is closer to the building’s ambient temperature. This filtered, oxygen-rich air is then channeled into each room.

There is no worry of pollution coming in from outside as the inlets are fixed with industry-standard filters to prevent impurities from coming into your internal air space. The end result is a more comfortable environment with subtle benefits in the ability to concentrate and perform.

While the installation of the HERU unit may seem like a major undertaking, the benefits of clean refreshing air more than outweigh the initial investment.

Installation Sample 1

Installation Sample 2

Device Specifications


Duct Size
Fan Speed
Power Consumption
Static Pressure
Filter Change Indicator

1,086 x 624 mm

275 mm
6 inches
High (H), Medium (M), Low (L)
250W (H), 138W (M), 86W (L)
350 CMH (H), 246 CMH (M), 136 CMH (L)
100 Pa
38 db(A) (H), 36 db(A) (M), 33db(A) (L)
49 kg
Auto / Manual

2 thoughts on “HERU Series

    1. Could this work with aircond?
    2. Is installation included?
    3. How big the area covered?
    4. Any sales representative in ipoh that I could refer to?
    5. Is it work in open area?

      Hi Celine,

      1. Yes, this is suitable for those who wants to enjoy the fresh outdoor air inside the house while the AC is switched on without losing or wasting the cool air.
      2. There will be installation needed for this system as air ducts and diffusers will be installed around the house depending on how many outlets you would like to have. The cost for installation would vary based on installation work as well.
      3. Normally the model we published is for an area of about 1,000 sqft but if you need a bigger coverage area, you may choose to have 2 separate units for ground floor and the 1st floor of the house.
      4. Unfortunately, we do not have any representative in Ipoh. If you know of any installation workman, we are able to guide them as it would be quite an easy task for those who are familiar with air duct installation.
      5. It would defeat the purpose as you can enjoy fresh air in open area without any ventilation devices.

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