About Us

NAT Eco’s business module revolves around Eco Green Energy, from fresh air ventilation system, ultimate indoor air purifier to nano-technology odour eliminating fabric. INAT Eco focuses on Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) as we truly understand its importance in making the air you breathe clean and healthy.

Converging Technologies For a Greener Tomorrow

INAT Eco came about when its founders, hailing from conventional environmental and electrical industries, felt the need to fill a void in the area of green and sustainable energy. As they were each coming from diverse backgrounds, the establishment of new goals and new directions necessitated the formation of a new entity. Thus, INAT Eco was formed. The company seeks to provide the community and society with ways and means of reducing the world’s carbon footprint.

Along the way, they discovered that green technologies often go hand in hand with their vision of a better and more comfortable future. This further fueled INAT Eco’s pursuit to bring the best innovative products and technologies to the local market. Knowing that green technologies consist of many different aspect of life, INAT Eco decided to focus on one very important element of all living being; Air Quality.  

The path to healthy living isn’t a one-way road. It is many faceted and requires input from all quarters. Our mission here at INAT Eco is to empower you to healthy living. Our vision is one of a green future where families live in safe, comfortable homes and people go to work in clean and conducive surroundings.

INAT Eco understands that the journey towards health encompasses all aspects of our lifestyle. These aspects include clean air, hygienic working and living environments and much more. As such we strive to provide solutions and options so that everyone will be able to lead the life they desire.


Ever wonder why longevity is always associated with pristine, unpolluted places? It doesn’t take a genius to know pollution and a stress-free environment is the main contributor to a long and healthy life. One of the biggest problems facing us today is poor air quality. Recent and established scientific researches by notable scientists have, time and again, illustrated the importance of air quality in maintaining physical and mental well-being. Not only does clean air equate to health, the lack of clean air is almost always synonymous with disease.