DeoTag® has some of the most amazing products to emerge in recent times. The revolutionary material and technology found in DeoTag® utilises ultra-porous technology to absorb body odour molecules. Many sports attire manufacturers now incorporate this technology into their end products under various trade names.

The technology in question is based on the Van der Waals force found in uncharged molecules. Van der Waals force is a weak, short range electrostatic attractive force between uncharged molecules. When nearby odour sources such as your underarms and feet come into close contact with the material, it immediately starts to bind the molecules. It continues to absorb the molecules until the surface is filled. As the nanoporous surface is so large, it can bind and remove odour for a long period of time.
A single DeoTag® fabric has a surface area equal to that of a tennis court. This allows the small sized tag to absorb a large amount of molecules. Due to the special nature of DeoTag® component, by itself it is odourless, environmentally friendly and chemical free. They are especially suited for those who want to avoid scented deodorants which are chemical and alcohol based. 

Deo Bear is one of our solution for an odour-free room. Using the same technology as that found in DeoTag®, the cute bear plastic holder can be placed as a pleasing ornament in any corner of a room and it starts to absorb odour immediately.

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