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Oransi is fully owned by Oransi LLC, a company incorporated in the USA which focuses on indoor air quality.

You are only advised to replace its filters every 12 months for most of our models. Please refer to the individual models for more details.

Filter lifespan basically depend on how much impurity the surrounding air quality has and the amount of impurities captured by it. Oransi’s filters last 12 months because of its media thickness which is capable in capturing more impurities as compared to thinner air filters that clogs up quicker.

  • In Oransi, we believe that an air purifier is suppose to function mainly as an air purifier. Any other additional function which a device have other that what it is meant for will effect the efficiency of the air purification process. Imagine owning an air purifier which does not function because its other features are faulty.

Please go to our Oransi website for more FAQs.


MagComb main function is to disinfect the air in the room with the power of UV-C light. The HEPA filter in this device is only meant for filtering out bigger particulates so that the disinfection of air is more efficient.

The UV light used is at a very low power, at most with 5W and the intensity of the irradiance for such low wattage is not sufficient to inactivate viruses. Furthermore, the airflow through the regular air purifier are too fast and the exposure to UV is to short to kill these microbes.

MagComb is manufactured by Foxconn, the biggest electronic manufacturing factory in the world. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Foxconn)


Östberg is a Swedish brand and fully owned by a Swedish company. They have an operations office and a manufacturing factory in China which oversees the Asian market.

  • Basically, the HERU Series is a combination of both; it sucks out the stale indoor air  and then purifies the outdoor air before supplying it back into the unit. The extraction of stale indoor air and supply of fresh outdoor air is the ventilation and air circulation cycle.
  • An additional feature of HERU which makes this device unique is the heat wheel that helps recover energy lost and at the same time, it helps to control the humidity level with its special 3A sieve coating.

1 device can cover up to 1,000 square feet for a typical office or house unit with an average ceiling height of 10 feet. This would be based on 1 air change per hour.

  • You may want to choose to install the supply air inlets and extract air outlets at location where you spend most your time, eg. The living room, dining halls and bedrooms; and forgo the kitchen, washing area and washrooms.
  • You may choose to install multiple devices of HERU 100 LP EC to cover your entire unit. This way, you may choose to switch on different devices at different time of the day to ventilate and circulate that particular area where you will be spending time there.
  • We have bigger capacity devices to accommodate bigger units accordingly.

You will only need to change the pair of filters when necessary. Judging from the Malaysia outdoor air quality, it would be a fair estimate that a change is needed each 6 to 8 months.

The decision is entirely up to you. We can just sell you the device alone if you have your own installation team to install the device for you or you may assign us to complete the task for you.

The installation cost is subject to many variables. It will depend on how much work is needed and how big the area would be or how far the outlets are from each other. 


This is a de-classified military technology from the United Kingdom, normally used in gas masks, chemical and biological warfare suits by the military. It is based on the Van der Waals force.

We recommend changing the stick-on patches and cards every 6 to 8 weeks of usage. The iron-on patches and embedded patches are slightly different as it will last and function as long as the apparel is in good and wearable condition.

Yes you can, as long as it sticks on to any surface, it will function just the same.

No, not necessarily. It will function when it is exposed to air and normally, air is not stagnant as it is constantly flowing and moving. It will have a stronger effect and absorption if the air flow goes through this patch compared to a situation where only a single sided is exposed to air.

  • These fabrics were used by the military in gas masks, chemical and biological warfare suits where the effectiveness is proven in real life scenario. This fabric is even used in spacesuits to withstand outer atmospheric conditions. We  have test results to prove the effectiveness.
  • This product does not use any chemical or other harmful additives to destroy bad smell, which may not be true for other products in the market.
  • Since it is not chemically induced or added into it, some of the patches or products where this patches are embedded will continue its function even after washing.

Our fabric is specially made to have absorption with much greater effect compared to others in the market. As a comparison, using a small piece of this fabric is equivalent to a 4 kg chunk of charcoal which does not last as long. Furthermore, it would be easier to place it on walls with a holder and it definitely looks better than placing a 4 kg chunk of charcoal where it is needed.

Air Mentor

The Air Mentor is designed, assembled and fully own by a Taiwan company based in Taipei.

No. You can only export the data by subscribing to the Air Cloud service.

You are only advised to clean the sensor once every 6 months using a dry cotton bud at the front of the device after removing the cover.

All calibration is done and tested before the device is sent out from the factory. The only calibration that you can do is for the CO2 by using the mobile app.

If there is an irregular reading with drastic changes from the usual, we would advise you to send it the device to our service centre for further examination.

  • A fully charged battery would last about 24 hours after you unplug it from the power supply.
  • It will take about 3 to 4 hours to fully charge the device.
  • Like any other rechargeable batteries, it will have a life span of between 2 to 3 years.