Introducing an innovative product using a proven method to kill bacteria and inactivate viruses for more than 200 years. Unlike the more popular air purifier that uses HEPA and carbon filters as their main filtration media, MagComb air purifier uses the power of UV-C light to disinfect the indoor air from airborne microbes like bacteria, mold spores and viruses.


Air is being directed into the device from the bottom and it goes through a E11 HEPA filter which will trap larger particulates before it goes into the chamber. The reason for this is to remove all these larger particulates which can be a hiding spot for these airborne microbes. The UV-C light can only disinfect, kill and inactivate these microbes in the line of ray so if it is hiding behind the shadow of a larger particulate, it will not have much effect. Unlike most air purifiers which state that they have UV light disinfection that uses a very small bulb, the intensity emits an irradiance that is not powerful enough to kill microbes effectively. Furthermore, the time exposure of these microbes to UV light has to be sufficient for it to take effect in which a regular air purifier airflow is considered too fast for longer exposure time.


MagComb disinfection chamber slows down the air flow with bigger space volume. The surrounding walls are coated with reflective material so that the intensity of the UV-C light irradiance is amplified thus creating more exposure time with higher intensity for more effective disinfection process.