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MagComb UV-C Air Purifier




Manufactured by Foxconn, we present the 1st UV-C air purifier in Malaysia.

UV-C light has been used to kill bacteria and inactivate viruses more than 200 years. It is being used in most medical centres to sterilize apparatus and disinfect every possible area where dangerous airborne microbes are a problem. The effectiveness and efficiencies of UV-C light increases with higher irradiance intensity and prolonged exposure to it.

Unlike many air purifier which uses HEPA filters as their main filtration of particulates, MagComb UV-C air purifier main function is to disinfect the indoor air 24/7 in the room where it is placed. Airborne microbes will be directed into the device chamber. UV-C light will start to kill and inactivate all these microbes and preventing them from replicating and reproducing by destroying their DNA & RNA. It uses a 24W UV-C bulb, emitting only 254nm wavelength of light without producing any ozone by-product in the process.

The intensity is being amplified with reflective coating on the chamber wall and by slowing down the airflow, it increases the exposure time of these airborne microbes to the light resulting in a removal rate more than 99.9% for bacteria and viruses.

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